Steps to System

1. Frame
2. Burners and Gas Lines
3. Heat Shielding
4. HLB, Mash Tun,
and Kettle
5. Heating Chamber
6. Immersion Chiller
7. Counterflow Heat
8. Pumps
9. Plumbing for both
10. RIMS Control System
11. Electrical Plan
12. Controller


Brewery Construction Guide


2  Little Giant Pumps, Model #  2P579 ($89.25 each from Grainger’s)( www.grainger.com)
Grainger’s sells only to businesses that have an account with them.  Individuals can’t purchase from them.
Ask a local business to purchase the pump(s) for you.
2  Pump Supports, (See step 1, Frame)
4  Hex Bolts (to attach pumps)

Pump 1recirculates the mash.
Moves the runoff to the kettle.
If either the counterflow or immersion chiller is installed, it moves cold water from the mash tun through the copper tubing to the chiller.
Pump 1 must be installed.
Pump 2 has one purpose only.
It forces clean, hot water from the kettle through the counterflow heat exchanger to clean the system.  Therefore, it is necessary only when the counterflow system is installed.
Attach both pumps with 2” x 4” supports.
Note:  Review Step 9, Plumbing, before installing the pumps.  They must be located so that complete drainage will occur.  Trapped water will freeze in the winter and burst the copper tubing.  Also - Keep in mind that the exit tube from pump 1 must be located above the drain valve; and the exit tube from pump 2 must be located above the top of the counterflow heat exchanger.
Drill holes through the supports for the retaining bolts.  Two bolts for each pump.
Install the pumps with the oil holes on top.  Pumps must be oiled with 2 to 3 drops of SAE 20 every 6 months.

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