Steps to System

1. Frame
2. Burners and Gas Lines
3. Heat Shielding
4. HLB, Mash Tun,
and Kettle
5. Heating Chamber
6. Immersion Chiller
7. Counterflow Heat
8. Pumps
9. Plumbing for both
10. RIMS Control System
11. Electrical Plan
12. Controller


Brewery Construction Guide



Plumbing for both Chillers


Type T Thermocouple (4” x 1/8”) – Omega, model: TJ36-CPSS-18G-4, $28, 800 848-4286, www.omega.com
3 Temperature Gauges – Grainger model: 2A608, Dial style with 4.0” probe, $45.60, www.grainger.com  (bus accnt)
Copper tubing and fittings (1/2”, 3/8”), Hoses and Clamps,   Ball Valves for Chiller systems,  Miscellaneous hardware

Follow the diagram above for the particular chiller system to be installed.  Install the 3 temp gauges using Teflon tape.
Install the thermocouple as shown above. Use a rubber washer with a center hole much smaller than the thickness of the probe.  A tight fit will stop the mash from leaking.  The probe must be long enough to contact the flow of mash.
Plan the plumbing so that mash fluid will not be trapped in the section of tubing before the chiller ball valve (#2).  This will avoid mash in the chiller lines.  Plan the plumbing path so that all liquid may be drained after use of the brewery.
Note that hose is not reliable in areas subject to heat.  Copper is more durable and lasts longer.

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