Steps to System

1. Frame
2. Burners and Gas Lines
3. Heat Shielding
4. HLB, Mash Tun,
and Kettle
5. Heating Chamber
6. Immersion Chiller
7. Counterflow Heat
8. Pumps
9. Plumbing for both
10. RIMS Control System
11. Electrical Plan
12. Controller


Brewery Construction Guide

front view


Materials                                                                                              Special Equipment
Thirty Six  2” x 4” Lengths                                                                   Table Saw (or Chop Saw)
   4 - 70.5”, 2 - 49.75”, 2 - 26.75”, 6 - 26.5”, 6 - 24.5”, 16 - 21.5”       Hand held Power Drill
Three .5” thick Plywood Platforms                                                       Hand held Jig Saw
   2 - 24.5” x 24.5” for HLB and Kettle burners
   1 - 24.5” x 22.25” for Propane Tank and Storage Shelf
60 - 3.5” x 1⁄4” Zinc Carriage Bolts, Nuts and Washers
34 - 2” length Zinc Lag Screws
2 Boxes - 2.5” Wood Screws, 1 Box - 1.25” Wood Screws
4 Wheels – 2.0” hard plastic and 16 1.5” Lag Screws (2 which
pivot under Kettle and 2 non-pivot under HLB)
4 - 4” x 4” x 2.5” Wood Blocks to keep the frame stationary

Procedures - Read all instructions before starting
Purchase only dry, straight 2 x 4’s.
Cut all 2 x 4 pieces to exact lengths using a table saw or chop saw. A hand-held saw won’t produce 90-degree cuts. Assemble the Front and Back sides with a 2.5” wood screw at the center of each joint. Check for square angles. Cut the two burner platforms, notch each corner for proper fit, and place into final position. Attach cross supports, as shown on the Top View, with a 2.5” wood screw. Pre-drill holes to avoid wood splits. Check for square angles. Drill all holes for Carriage Bolts and Lag Screws, Insert bolts & screws and tighten. Screw-down the two burner platforms with 1.25” wood screws.  Insert 2.5” screws on corners where appropriate. Be certain that the Mash Tun supports are level and that the mash tun will sit evenly without rocking. Attach a 1” x 1/8” x 23.5” Steel Strip on top of each Mash Tun Support & drill strips for recessed screw heads.  
Wait until Step 8, “Pumps”, to attach both Pump supports (for Pump 1 and Pump 2).
Wait until Step 2, “Burners and Gas Lines”, to attach the Propane Platform and support. Coat the entire frame with a clear wood sealer preservative - Install Wheels, pre-drilling the Lag Screws. Cut the 4 x 4 blocks 2.5” which is 1/8” taller than the wheels and sand the edges. Blocks to be used during use/storage.

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